Space Odyssey – The First 50 Years

Since Yuri Gagarin became the first person in space in 1961, there have been a lot of manned space flights. In fact, there have been 293 flights: 167 American, 119 Russian, 3 Chinese and 3 flights launched by private companies. We started thinking about what it would look like if we could see all of those flights launching at the same time. This visualisation is our attempt at answering that question.

We also wanted to provide a useful reference tool that would provide a succint synopsis of our first 50 years in space. So, we've made sure that the reader can look at a mission and tell what the aim of the mission was and who sent the mission up. Missions of historical importance are also highlighted.

We hope that when they see our visualisation, space fans will want to print it out really big and stick it on their bedroom walls!